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Important: If you're writing with any question regarding your Premium Site subscription,
be sure to provide your UserName* so that we can locate your account.

* Your UserName is what you enter into the login box along with your password to enter the site.

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If you do not receive a prompt response to your email, see our email notes further below.

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(00) 1.559.365.2225

Limited availability - Voice Only (No Texts Accepted)
For the most prompt response and service use above Email instead.

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P.O. Box 6080
Fresno, CA 93703-6080 USA

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Epoch Billing Support

Some important notes about Email.

We do promptly respond to all legitimate emails, typically within a few hours or less if during regular daytime business hours here (07:00 - 19:00 UTC -7). If you've written and haven't received a reply within 24 hours, it's likely for one of the following reasons;

- We did reply, but your email's SPAM filter blocked it. Check your SPAM folder.

- We did reply, but our response bounced back to us with an error stating that it was undeliverable due to an invalid email address you supplied. Your email program is not configured correctly and is supplying an invalid "reply to" email address, making it impossible for us to reply to your inquiry.

- Your email didn't include the word "Spanking" in your email's subject line as directed above.

- Your email had "attachments" and/or appeared to contain a virus or other security threat and was culled by our security system without being opened.

- We haven't received your email.