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Updated 14 December 2018

For Our Main Help & Information Page Click Here.

How often do you post a new video to the Premium Site?

A new Feature Video is posted every Friday!

We have literally posted a brand new M/M Spanking Feature Video for every week since this site opened in October 2003. As of 14 December 2018, 793 new M/M Spanking Feature Videos posted over the past 793 consecutive weeks. Over 15 years and counting of weekly M/M Spanking Feature Videos and counting. No other M/M Spanking site has ever come close!

Bonus Videos (see below) - a Premium Site-only exclusive - are posted Every Tuesday. Spanking Central TV and other Behind the Scenes features, including Director Commentary Editions of many videos, do not occur on a schedule, but get posted as they are produced. The Blog is updated most every day.

(The latest Free Preview materials are posted to this Free Site every Tuesday.)

Between our Feature and Behind-the-Scenes video offerings (described in detail just below), we've averaged well over 4 hours worth of new, purely original (our own) video content posted per month on our Premium Site over the past 14+ years. No other single M/M Spanking site has ever offered even close to this volume of new, original monthly content, never so much value for the money. We are quite simply, and proudly, in a class all our own.

Yes, you will find cheaper sites out there - you get what you pay for and they obviously know what they are worth. Also sites that will say anything to mislead you on what they actually offer in order to get you to sign-up. But nowhere else will you get so much fresh, 100% original, and high-quality "M/M Spanking" content for your subscription money - so much value for your money - delivered with 100% honesty and integrity as we have consistently done here for more than a decade.

What are: Bonus Videos, Spanking Central TV, Misc Videos, and The Blog?

In addition to our complete library of all-original, Feature Videos and Stills, our Premium Site includes an extensive menu of Behind-the-Scenes features which offer viewers an intimate and in-depth look at all aspects of this site. This includes the off-screen, day-to-day interaction with models, and a constant stream of updates on relevant goings on here from one day to the next. Many people have told us that they find this side of the Premium Site even more entertaining than the Feature Videos themselves.

Bonus Videos, an exclusive, unique and original concept which we introduced to this market, offer most, if not all of the raw video footage that was shot during the making of most all of the videos, and from all multpile studio cameras, plus associated documentary footage. In fact, there's often anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes (or more) of this Bonus Video posted in addition to each new feature video we post.

- For a sample preview of what our Bonus Videos are like, Click Here!

Spanking Central TV, another unique and original concept we introduced to this market and which is exclusive to our site, is a periodic, documentary-style production of what goes on here behind the scenes to make this site what it is. This includes more candid moments with the models, and a variety of related happenings captured on video for you to see.

- For a sample preview of what our SC-TV segments are like, Click Here!

Misc Videos are videos that don't fit our other categories, and include those that feature director commentary, our oldest model interviews, and various other behind-the-scenes Video Featurettes.

Note: All 3 of these Behind-The-Scenes features (Bonus Videos, Spanking Central TV and Misc Videos) that were produced prior to 2014 are only available in the smaller, lower resolution format that we previously used in the past. Since 1 January 2014, all of the newer Behind-The-Scenes features are presented in our updated, full-size, high resolution format.

The Blog offers a mostly daily narration of what's going on here and in the model's off-screen lives, and often includes up-to-the-minute, behind-the-scenes photos of the models and other news.

Can I download and save your website videos to my own computer/device?

Yes. Every video on our site is easily downloaded for saving and offline viewing on your own computer/device. For detailed instructions, see our Video Help Page.

Can I still view the videos after my subscription has expired?

Yes. Any video you have properly downloaded and saved to your computer/device will continue to play for you even after you're no longer a subscriber. Only your access to the Premium Site ends when your subscription ends.

Are your videos available for purchase on DVD?

No. I ceased producing and offering DVDs in early 2009. My videos are only available as online downloads via my Premium Website.

Is there any sex or frontal nudity on the Premium Website?

There is no sexual activity whatsoever, and very little frontal nudity in our videos. Any frontal nudity that does appear is typically inconsequential to the work, only in natural passing to the process, and does not include anyone in a state of sexual arousal. That's just not what we do here. If it's sex that you want to see, we suggest you try another site where that is their actual focus rather than realistic spanking.

Note: Most of the frontal nudity that is found on the Premium Website is found in the extensive Behind the Scenes materials I offer, showing the models in and around the studio, between camera "takes" and when they might happen to be standing around in the nude, and in such video footage not used in the feature productions.

Video Formats?

All videos at Spanking Central are now offered in HTML5 standard MP4 or WebM formats.

As of 1 January 2014 all new videos on Spanking Central Premium (both Primetime and Behind-The-Scenes features) are being produced in the highest quality HD 16:9 format. Both MP4 and WebM versions scale up to full-screen viewing with excellent results.

Previous to 2014 all Behind-The-Scenes video features (only) had been produced in a smaller viewing size and continue to only be available in that smaller size.

The oldest Preview Clips on this site (May 2008 and before) are only presented in the older, smaller size and resolution format. However, every corresponding Full Video on our Premium Site is available in the larger, full-size format. The smaller size limitation on older videos only applies to Preview Clips on this site, not the full versions on our Premium Site.

All videos on Spanking Central that were produced prior to early 2009 were shot in the Standard Definition (SD) 4:3 format. All videos on Spanking Central that were produced since early 2009 have been shot in nothing but the newer HD 16:9 format.

Do you allow your Videos or Stills to be shared and/or reposted elsewhere?

1) Premium Site Materials: NO !

No video or still image from my Premium Website may, under any circumstances, be copied, reposted to any other website, or shared with any person other than a current Premium Site subscriber, or a member or guest of a valid Premium Site subscriber's household. To do so is not only illegal, but immoral. It harms the people who work here; those trying to make an honest and modest living. (see also our Terms of Service for additional details)

2) Free Site Preview Materials: YES !

All free preview images (video and/or stills) found on THIS FREE PREVIEW SITE ( are fully authorized for sharing with others, as well as reposting on any other non-commercial website, blog, message board or group, etc., as long as all of the following conditions are met:

A) Non-commercial use only! ("Non-commercial use" is defined as there being no money or other compensation changing hands nor solicited for on the site (including solicitation for donations), nor the existence of any "affiliate" links (commercial royalties for click-throughs) to other sites, nor the existence of any paid advertising (banner or text ads) on the site),

B) The images are not altered in any way from how they appear on this site,

C) All images are clearly marked and credited as originating from and owned by,

D) No "third-party" sites (including file sharing sites, including BitTorrent directories/trackers) are used to host and/or facilitate the sharing of our image files (stills and video). Files may only be shared by, 1) linking directly to files stored on, or 2) hosting unaltered copies of the files directly on the same "non-commercial" server (site/blog/group, etc.) that is displaying them.

What happened to your Personal Ads?

I permanently discontinued my Free Personal Ads in early 2009.

Is there a way to contact any of your models?

No. Due to problems in the past I have a blanket policy of not providing contact information for any model, nor will I pass along any messages or offers whatsoever.

How do I apply to be a model?

I only consider guys who live full time in and around Fresno, and only those who have not ever modeled for any other commerical spanking video entity. If you qualify and are between 18-22 years old, send me an email telling me about yourself and why you want to do this. Include a current photo, so that I can see what you look like.

If you've not found an answer to your question here or elsewhere on the site, feel free to Contact Us directly with your inquiry.