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Revised 1 January 2019

For Specific Video Help: Click Here

Where you'll find detailed information regarding the viewing and downloading of our videos on various systems.

Other Commonly Asked Questions & Answers: Click Here

Where you'll find answers to a number of general, non-subscription-related questions regarding this site.

For answers to questions regarding Premium Website subscriptions, access and related issues, keep reading below instead.

Premium Site Help: Sign-Ups, Cancellations, Renewals, Billing, Login Issues:

Help, I can't login to the Premium Site

If you've just purchased a subscription and can't seem to login for the first time, you're likely not entering your username and password exactly as you entered it on the sign-up form. Check your subscription confirmation email to verify your exact login credentials. Also, if you selected a username that matches the first part of your email address, your web browser might be auto-filling your complete email address into the login box without you realizing it, resulting in a mismatch with the actual username you selected (very common). Double check that the username you are submitting in the login box exactly matches what you selected and does not include your full email address instead.

If, before reading this, you've already tried several times with the incorrect login, your correct login may be locked out for up to 30 minutes. During this brief period even your correct login will not be accepted. After any repeated login failures you may have to wait 30 minutes before trying again with the correct login, or Contact Us to release the lockout sooner if possible.

For additional information on Login Failures see our Login Failure Page and/or Contact Us for prompt, professional, discreet assistance. In your correspondence be sure to include your username (from the login box to enter the Premium Site) so that we can locate your subscription. Or, if the problem is that you're not sure what that is, providing your CCBILL subscription number/Epoch Member Number or your full real name as supplied for billing purposes will help us quickly locate your subscription.

How do I sign up for the Premium Site?

Go to our Sign-Up Page. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please Contact Us for prompt, professional, discreet assistance.

How do I cancel my "Recurring Monthly" subscription to the Premium Site?

Contact Us for prompt, professional, discreet assistance. Be sure to include your username (from the login box to enter the Premium Site) so that we can locate your account.

My subscription expired and I'd like to renew - can I do so without paying first-time prices again?

Yes, but only if you have a long existing (over 6 months) recurring or fixed period subscription which has expired within the past 10 days.

Subscriptions that have either been intentionally "canceled" by the customer, terminated by the website administrator, or allowed to lapse without renewal for over 10 days from expiration will not qualify for this renewal offer and will be subject to first-time subscription options only.

How do I change my credit card billing information for my "Recurring Monthly" subscription?

Click Here to Update Your Billing Information for your Current Subscription via our secure data submission form. A link to this page is also found on our main Sign-Up Page.

How do I change my username and/or password for the Premium Site?

We have to do this for you. Contact Us for prompt, professional, discreet assistance. Be sure to include your current username (from the login box to enter the Premium Site) so that we can locate your account.

Using Download Accelerators, Site Scraping Programs and Proxy Servers

Use of any software that automates and/or accelerates the downloading of content from the Premium Site, is considered beyond normal, reasonable and acceptable use, and is grounds for immediate termination of access rights to the Premium Site, and with no refund on the unused remaining period of the subscription. Such use places an abnormal load on website servers that can result in degraded performance for all other users, and will not be tolerated.

Our Premium Website limits the number of concurrent video downloads. If you attempt to simultaneously download more, your requests will be blocked by the server until the current downloading video has completed.

Use of anonymous proxy servers (including VPN's) to access the Premium Site may result in automatic access lockouts and is not recommended.

Subscription renewal policies are subject to change without notice.