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Revised 20 February 2019

Viewing Our Videos

Our videos are formatted in the two most widely supported HTML5 compatible video formats for both desktop computers and mobile devices; MP4 and WebM. These formats are widely supported in all major web browsers without the need for any 3rd-party media player plugins. There is virtually no difference in video quality between the two. Your specific system will automatically display the video in the format it prefers. For most systems this will be MP4. Some others will select the WebM version instead.

Video Player on the Page

(Note: The exact look of the video player controls will vary depending upon the system you are using, but will otherwise function the same.)

If the video does not appear on the page in the player, as shown above, first try "Refreshing/Reloading" the web page. If this doesn't help, then it may be for one of the following reasons.

1) You may not be using an up-to-date version of your mobile OS and/or web browser. Many older versions do not support the newer HTML5 standards. Upgrade to the latest version of your mobile OS and/or web browser.

2) You many not have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Nearly all modern websites require it in order to serve video on the page, as well as many other functions. Check your browser's Preferences/Options for the Enable/Disable JavaScript setting and enable it if necessary. If you're not sure how to do this, go to your web browser Help section and use the search function to locate JavaScript.

3) Your internet security settings may be blocking the player from working and need to be adjusted to "allow" it to play the video for you.

Once you start the video playing, if the video starts and stops (buffering) without playing through smoothly, then your internet connection is currently too slow to support uninterrupted playback immediately upon starting the video. In this case, simply pause the video immediately after you start it, and then allow the video file to download far enough ahead to resume playback without further buffering. You can monitor the download progress in the playback progress bar along the bottom of the player window.

If your device will not play the videos live on the page, then downloading the video file and playing it locally on your device, as described below, will usually provide superior viewing anyway.

How To Save Our Videos For Offline Viewing

Our videos are easily saved to your computer/mobile device for offline viewing with a stand-alone media player. Since all web browsers handle this task differently, there is no single method that applies to everyone. However, in most cases the following method will apply:

Right-click (use your alternate mouse button or equivalent action - Long-Click (sustained single click) on some mobile platforms like Android) on the video player itself. A small menu should appear with several choices (See below image). One or more of them will appear as something like "Save ___ as...", with the blank being "video", "target", "link", "source", or "image". In some browsers, you may need to start the video playing before the associated link will become active and usable. The resulting file that is saved to your computer will be in either MP4 (*.mp4) or WebM (*.webm) format depending on your system and its file format preference.

Video Player with Context Menu

(Note: The specific menu choices that appear may vary depending upon the system and/or web browser you are using.)

How To View A Video File That You Have Downloaded/Saved To Your Computer.

This would be referred to as "offline viewing", since you are simply playing the copied file from your own computer/mobile device rather than accessing the video from the website itself. To do so simply requires a stand-alone media player/app that supports playing the file format (MP4 or WebM) that you have downloaded. Many popular free media players/apps support one or both of these formats, including the following:

For Windows users: Windows Media Player will play the MP4 version for you.

For Mac users: Quicktime will play the MP4 version for you. Quicktime for Windows will also work for Windows systems.

Additionally, which ever format appears and plays directly on the page of our site for you, can be also played by your same web browser in offline mode. You can use your browser as a stand-alone media player to play this video, even when not connected to the internet. Just open your browser (no need to connect to the internet), select the FILE | OPEN command from the main menu bar of your browser, and select the video file you downloaded. It should then open the video directly in the browser player window, or possibly shift you into a stand-alone version of its player, such as Windows Media Player in the case of Internet Explorer.

If you need further assistance, feel free to Contact Us. We're happy to help if we can, though we are not familiar with every system that is out there.