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To produce the highest quality, most realistic M/M Spanking entertainment with the highest customer satisfaction.

Dear Fellow Spanking Enthusiast.

I started Spanking Central in 2003 as a response to what the existing M/M spanking video market had long been offering. That being cheesy, unrealistic spankings, stretched over an unbearably long time, with a lot of pointless filler.

I conceived Spanking Central to be something totally different. I wanted to offer realistic spankings without the endless filler, and without sex, which also isn't a part of real-life spankings.

Additionally, I believed that, above all, quality mattered the most and that the length of a video did not ensure value, given that, in most cases, it was usually boring filler. I reasoned that 10 minutes with realistic, believable spanking was better than 30 minutes of the norm from other sources. After all, in real life, spankings only take a few minutes. They are serious, intense and to the point. Isn't what most spanking enthusiasts want to see is a real spanking?

Excellence also mattered to me in all other aspects of how to do things. While others in the market seemed to be satisfied with mediocrity, I would strive for the highest productions values, for a quality website that presents and delivers our entertainment easily and reliably, and for unmatched customer service where viewers are treated as real people, rather than just a means to another dollar in the bank.

Lastly, I would eschew the typical adult website marketing approach of gimmicks, misleading claims, bait-and-switch teasers, and other intentional deceptions. Instead, I would advertise this site in a straight-shooting, tell-it-exactly-as-it-is manner, never implying or promising anything that I don't actually deliver.

I'm proud to say that Spanking Central is like nothing else you will find in this market and that we are widely considered vastly superior to anything else from any other source. In short, the very best value for your money.

Clifton M.
Founder and Proprietor of Spanking Central.