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Spanking Central is 100% Viewer Supported

Unlike most other commercial Adult Websites, Spanking Central displays no 3rd-party advertising, banner ads, affiliate links or any of the usual gimmicks to generate revenue. We are funded 100% by the financial support of our viewers. We offer very unique, high quality M/M Spanking entertainment and customer service, delivered with honesty and integrity, at a fair price, and simply ask that those viewers who consume this entertainment support it through the purchase of one of our modestly priced subscription options.

A Clean, Safe, Virus-and-Malware-Free Website Experience

Since we do not incorporate any 3rd parties into our site, we can offer a truly clean and uncluttered-by-ads, safe website browsing experience. No risk of underlying connections to other sites and entities who are secretly mining your user data and/or installing malware on your computer. Our Premium Site also uses 100% SSL Certificated Encryption between you and our site, to ensure that your login credentials and other personal information are not intercepted in between, passed along to other unknown entities, or phished from you in any other way.

A Very Small, Niche Audience

The challenge in doing this is that the M/M Spanking Entertainment marketplace is extraordinarily small. There just isn't a large audience for M/M Spanking, let alone the very specialized, authentic, realistic, non-sexual form that we focus on. This is why there have always been so few commercial, purely M/M Spanking (without sex and other fillers) video producers, and why most that try it never last for long. In short, it's not a lucrative market. Professional M/M Spanking entertainment by itself (not subsidized with pornographic sex and other fillers) is simply not a big money-maker in our world. We've been the most successful at it because we do it for only one reason: we have a passion for traditional, authentic, realistic spanking, delievered with the highest quality you'll find, and it shows.

Piracy, and How it Affects our Ability to Produce our High Quality M/M Spanking Entertainment

The extreme proliferation of pirated online content; of people reposting our videos on other sites, of passing them around freely to others so that people can view them for free, has now all but destroyed what we do here. Sad, but true. The seriousness of this problem cannot be understated and it affects small, single and family-owned businesses and artists like us the most. The very unique, high quality product and service that we offer is very costly to produce, maintain and reliably deliver, the profit margin tenuously slim, and anyone who consumes it is morally obligated to pay for it. If you like what we offer, then please pay our fair asking price for it.

We're All Just Real People Just Like You

What most of our subscribers have come to understand, but many others don't consider, is that the young models who appear being spanked in our videos are just typical, everyday guys who are only doing this for the much-needed income. Spanking Central provides jobs to good young men when good jobs are hard to come by. In fact, the lion's share of our operating budget here goes to paying these young men for what they do here. If people watch pirated videos and thus do not fairly pay for the commerically produced entertainment they are enjoying, then it is primarily these hard working young men and their families that they are stealing from.

If You Enjoy What We Offer, Then Please Support it with a Premium Site Subscription

If what we offer here appeals to you and you are thus consuming it, then please fairly pay for it. It's the only way this works; for the people who view the videos to pay the fair asking price for them. We can't do this here without the financial support of those who view our productions. If you like what we do, please purchase one of our subscription options. As most any of our existing subscribers will tell you, it is proudly an exceptional value for the money.

We invite you to take a look at real customer emails to see what other paying subscribers have to say about what they get here for their money.
Then please try it for yourself by purchasing one of our reasonably-priced subscription options.